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Custom Cast Iron BBQ Charcoal Roaster Grill Grate

Size: 40*30cm(15.7*11.8 inch)

Material: Cast Iron

Model: CAP13

Product Description


A cast iron BBQ grill grate is a cooking surface made of cast iron that is used in outdoor grilling. It provides even heat distribution and retains heat well, making it ideal for cooking at high temperatures. The surface also has a non-stick quality due to the natural seasoning process that occurs from repeated use.

The cast iron grill grate makes sure that heat is distributed evenly to make your recipes have that searing yet juicy finish. They prevent your food from sticking to the grill; thus reducing your valuable time spent cleaning up. So, it is a useful addition to your cookware without a doubt. 

The highly durable cast-iron grates fit well in a wide range of grill oven models. The usual size is 15.7*11.8 inches, we can customize other sizes according to your need. These high-quality grill grates retain heat and spread evenly to your food while giving excellent searing to meat and vegetables.

Get this long-lasting and high-performing cast iron grill grate to add professional chef-style seasoning to make your food taste better and juicier than ever. These top-notch grates leave premium sear marks on your steak and lock in moisture.


Cast Iron Bbq Charcoal Roaster Grill Grate


Cast Iron


44*30cm (15.7*11.8 inch)


Vegetation Oil




Chainmail scrubber, Scrapper can be available


OEM Available

Advantage of cast iron bbq grill grate

  • Our cast iron grill grate with an enamel coating that can pass the salt spray test, it with very smooth surface and enough flatness to ensure the grid will not shake during use in the oven or on a camping fire. 

  • The cast iron grate is a reversible, flat surface for cooking fish and a pointy side for meat. 

  • The shape, and size both can be customized. Please contact us if you are interested.

Applications of a Cast Iron BBQ Grill Grate

  • Grilling: The high heat retention and even heat distribution make it great for searing meat, vegetables, and fish.

  • Smoker: Its ability to retain heat for a long time makes it suitable for slow-cooking meat for smoking.

  • Camping: Its durability makes it a popular choice for camping and outdoor cooking. Indoor cooking: Cast iron grates can also be used in indoor kitchens for stovetop cooking.

  • Indoor cooking: Cast iron grates can also be used in indoor kitchens for stovetop cooking.

Product Introduction

Cast Iron BBQ Charcoal Roaster Grill Grate

The cast iron bbq grill grate is Made of heavy-duty cast iron to ensure long-lasting use. Do not chip or rust out like the enameled bars, more durable and easy to clean, and leave beautiful grill marks on the food. Cast iron grates not only heat evenly and retain heat superbly, but also deliver a professional searing, able to give prominent sear marks to meat/veggies.

Other styles: cast iron round grill grate

Cast Iron BBQ Charcoal Roaster Grill Grate

Custom Cast Iron BBQ Charcoal Roaster Grill Grate

Custom Logo

Usually,  we will put your logo on the back of the cast iron grate, usually the letters of the logo, of course, it can also be a pattern, as long as we make a new mold according to your requirements, if you have other requirements for the logo, please feel free to welcome you put forward your own ideas, we will give you a satisfactory solution.

Custom Accessories

Accessories can also be added, including silicone hot handle holders, proximity gloves, etc. If you have special needs, please let us know and we will do our best to realize it for you. In addition to the following accessories, we can also provide matching glass covers, as long as you have requirements.


About Package

The usual packaging is a brown box, color box, or white box. Of course, we can also customize it according to your needs. If you are selling online on Amazon or other places, we can provide mail-order packaging to ensure that it can be dropped. Box test, you can click the link to learn about the content of the box drop test. If you are selling in offline stores, we can also provide other packaging methods, such as display boxes. 

custom cast iron bbq charcoal roaster grill grate

About Product Certificate

Our products can pass FDA, CA65, EU, LFGB, and other tests. If you want to view our other test certificates, please click the link.

How Do We Control the Quality of Cast Iron Cookware


About Factory Strength

Regarding the production process, we will also strictly control it, and each process will be supervised by our quality inspectors, if you want to know more about product process, please click the link.

If you are interested in this product, please do not hesitate to contact our professional sales staff, they will provide you with satisfactory service.


About Customized Service

We have a professional design department, our designers can provide customized mold design and packaging design according to customer requirements. at the same time, we will also provide customized product LOGO design and packaging printing design. If you need these services, please do not hesitate to contact us

Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven


1. Heat Preservation of Cast Iron Material. The camping cast iron grill grate has good heat preservation, which can make the cooked food more delicious.

2. Strong and durable. Cast iron products are very strong and durable. No matter how you use them, they will not be easily damaged. Even if they are not properly maintained and cause rust and other problems, they can still be renewed after simple treatment. If you maintain them properly, this can become a generation of Legendary treasure.

3. Wide range of uses. This product has great applicability, whether you are in an induction cooker, an open flame stove, an outdoor grill, or a campfire, this product can be well controlled.

4. Easy to Clean. Do not leave standing water in the cast iron cooking grate for longer than 10-15 minutes. Wipe off excess oil and food residue with a paper towel or cloth. 

Custom Cast Iron BBQ Charcoal Roaster Grill Grate

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