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As a professional enamel casserole supplier, manufacturer, and factory from China, with rich experience in supplying enamel casserole, Sarchi Cookware has introduced a number of professional automatic enamel production lines, with an annual output of about 15 million pieces of enamel products, allowing us to supply wholesale enamel casserole easily . 2 professional non-stick production lines and a variety of high-tech non-stick technologies can provide you with a variety of Style, color enameled cast iron products. We have a professional design department, which can provide customized services according to customer requirements, including mold design, packaging design, customized product LOGO design, packaging printing design, etc so that you can sell your own brand products.

We offer quality but unbeatable low prices and the best service. If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us. We answer your questions and look forward to working with you.


Why choose an enamel casserole pan?

● Quality enamel cookware has a thick enamel coating that creates a useful protective coating on the surface of the cookware, making it hard-wearing and easy to cook. It's easy to clean, naturally non-stick, and resistant to stains and scratches, as long as it's handled well.

● The enamel helps to protect your kitchen equipment from all sorts of unwanted things, including rust, while also adding a new element to your cooking process, as enamel cast iron is wonderful for slow cooking.

● Because enamel provides a protective layer to cast iron pans, it is incredibly durable. It also means that it can sit on the stove-top for longer than usual, and it heats well, withstanding high temperatures, making it ideal for searing meat and other ingredients. 

● The enamel casserole pan maintains heat well, making it perfect for cooking things like soup and stews and also great for bread-baking.

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