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How to Ensure that the Product Will not be Damaged during Transportation?

Dec. 21, 2020

        Nowadays, more and more people choose to shop online, and more and more businesses begin to sell their products online. It is especially important that products can be delivered to buyers intact. For many Amazon merchants, the reason for the bad reviews of their products is the product damage caused by the damage of the product packaging. In this way, even if the merchant is willing to bear all the losses, it will also cause the buyer time loss and very bad shopping. Experience. But don't worry, we have already made a response plan in advance. We have mail-ordered packaging specifically for online shopping products. Even if the courier treats the express roughly, the product can still be intact. Next, I will explain to you our mail-order packaging and how we carry out the dropbox test.

The material of mail-order packaging:

      The outer box of our packaging is a five-layer corrugated cardboard box, and the products inside are surrounded by a thick EPE inner box. The EPE material is softer and environmentally friendly, making it an ideal packaging material. Of course, there will be some customers who want foamed inner boxes. This kind of packaging is also possible, depending on your needs. The soft, shock-absorbing, and resilient inner box plus the hard outer box, so that the wrapped product will not be damaged even if it falls from a height.

Mail-Order Packaging

About dropbox test:

Standard:ISTA 1A   Height:76cm

Details: Drop the box containing the product 10 times from a height of 76cm, including one corner, three sides, and six sides of the box. Below is a video of our box dropping. A package with an enamel frying pan was dropped 10 times intact.

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