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How to Fry the Best Steak?

Dec. 08, 2020

In the food world, the steak is the flower of the mountain, the one that is "just to be seen", to be eaten in fancy restaurants, informal dresses, in elegant poses, and in small bites. So much so that we all love it, but eat it least of all. Steak is so high up in our minds that we think only the best chefs are worthy of preparing it. But the truth is, with any ingredient, it's the person who eats it that makes the difference. Even at home, we can make the steak bloom with the best flavor.

In order to cook a good steak, you must first choose a good steak, and the second most important factor that affects the taste of the steak is the doneness, because doneness determines the taste and texture of the steak, so it is important to know the doneness of the steak before you start.

The steak's doneness is divided into six levels: Blue (Blue Rare), Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well and Well Done, which corresponds to what we call Near Rare, Well Done, Medium Well Done, Medium Well Done, Medium Well Done and Well Done.

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The Most Scientific Basis - Center Temperature

There is a standard requirement for the doneness of a steak, which is the temperature in the center of the steak should reach a certain standard, so it is the most scientific way to judge doneness.

Since the temperature of the steak rises by 3-5°C after it leaves the heat source, it is important to cook it at the lowest possible temperature and leave it in the pan for at least 3 minutes to reach standard doneness. This is the most scientific criterion but requires the use of a special kitchen thermometer.

The Best Taste Based on Taste

The reason why steak doneness is so important is that it directly determines the taste, whether it tastes good or not. The rawer the steak, the softer the meat is and the juicier it is. So you can tell how well a steak is cooked by how it tastes.

The Most Important Tool - Cast Iron Steak Fryer

Cast iron material is safe and healthy; it provides excellent insulation and uniform heat distribution.

The raised barbecue ribs on the cooking surface are great for searing meats and keeping food away from excess fat.

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