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Delicious Pizza, You Can Make it at Home

Dec. 23, 2020

Do you like pizza? In fact, making pizza is not as cumbersome as you might imagine. You can keep enough ingredients at home, and it will surely be several times better than selling outside.

There are three steps to making pizza. Pizza crust, pizza sauce and fillings. The method of pizza crust is actually very simple. It’s just as easy to make a steamed bun. The pizza sauce is the sauce placed between the pizza crust and the filling. It has a great effect on flavour enhancement, and also about what ingredients are put in the pizza, which will make the pizza delicious. Onions and green peppers are also very flavorful and can be sliced finely and placed on top.

Pizza Frying Pan

Fruit pizza

Ingredients: 150g high-gluten flour, cheese, yeast, sugar 3g, salt 1g, butter 10g, dragon fruit, small mango, banana, cherry tomatoes, tomato sauce

1. Put high-gluten flour, yeast, sugar and salt into the container.

2. Add water and knead into a dough, then add butter and knead until the dough surface is smooth.

3. When the dough rises to about 2.5 times its size, poke it in with your hands and the dough will ferment.

4. Exhaust the dough, let it rest for 15 minutes, brush a layer of oil on the baking pan, roll the dough into a round piece larger than the pizza pan, place it in the pizza pan, and use a fork to make a small hole.

5. Diced dragon fruit, peeled mango and cut into small pieces, peeled banana and cut into small pieces, and cut the cherry tomatoes in half

6. Brush pizza sauce or tomato sauce on the crust, sprinkle some mozzarella cheese.

7. Then put in the pizza frying pan until the cheese melts.

8. Take out the pizza tray and spread the fruit evenly, and then sprinkle a thicker slice of cheese on the surface, and send it to the cast iron pizza pan.

9. The cheese melts and the surface is slightly yellow, and a delicious pan-fried pizza is ready to go.

About fermentation

1. If you are very proficient in fermentation, just put warm water, yeast, flour, etc. directly together and knead it. But the prerequisite is that the fermentation experience is very rich, and the temperature of the warm water can be accurately grasped.

2. If the temperature of warm water is not well grasped, this method is recommended. Dissolve the yeast in warm water (not hot at all, warm water, rather low to high), and put the bowl of yeast water in a basin filled with very hot water.

3. Why do we need to do this extra step? Because the water temperature suitable for yeast fermentation is very difficult to control, a slightly higher temperature will easily scald the yeast to death. If the temperature is low, it will not have any effect on the yeast. 

4. Then put the bowl containing the yeast water in the basin again, the water in the basin is still very hot, then it will increase the temperature of the yeast water bit by bit, when it is suitable for yeast fermentation After the temperature is lower, fine small bubbles will appear on the surface of the yeast. At this time, you reach in and feel the water temperature. If you do this often, you will be able to grasp the water temperature more and more accurately.

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