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  • cast iron skillet with long handle

  • cast iron skillet with long handle

  • cast iron skillet with long handle

  • cast iron skillet with long handle

  • cast iron skillet with long handle

  • cast iron skillet with long handle

  • cast iron skillet with long handle

  • cast iron skillet with long handle

cast iron skillet with long handle

Size: 15.5*15.5cm; 20*20cm; 25*25cm

Material: Cast Iron

Model: P003

Product Description

Cast Iron Skillet
Cast Iron
15.5*15.5cm, 20*20cm,25*25cm 
Vegetation Oil
Chainmail scrubber, Silicone handle holder,Scrapper can be available

The role of cast iron frying pan

It is a tool with multiple functions in the kitchen. The iron skillet can be used for stir-frying, frying, searing, roasting, stewing, roasting, burning, and even more cooking techniques.

Advantages of cast iron frying pan

Cast iron frying pan will increase the iron content in our food, in some cases it will increase the iron content of our body and increase the dietary intake of iron element. Acidic foods can increase our iron content.

How to judge whether the cast iron frying pan is normal and how to choose a good frying pan?

First of all, we have to check the surface of our cast iron pot. The cast iron pot will appear dark black/dark gray and feel a little rough to the touch. If the plate still has a certain seasoning intact it will be a dark black, smooth touch.

Content of cast iron pot

A pot made of iron-carbon alloy with a carbon content of more than 2%. Industrial cast iron generally contains 2% to 4% carbon. Carbon is mostly present in the form of graphite in cast iron, and sometimes in the form of cementite. In addition to carbon, cast iron also contains 1% to 3% silicon, as well as elements such as phosphorus and sulfur.

Features of cast iron pot

The cast iron pot is made of gray iron melted and cast with a model. The heat transfer is slow and uniform, but the pot ring is thick, the texture is rough, and it is also easy to crack; the refined iron pot is made of black iron sheet forging or hand hammering. It has the characteristics of thin pot ring and fast heat transfer.

Cast iron pots have a characteristic. When the temperature of the fire exceeds 200°C, the cast iron pot will control the temperature of the food to 230°C by radiating a certain amount of heat, while the fine iron pot will directly transfer the temperature of the fire to the food. For ordinary families, it is better to use cast iron pots. Because of the advantages of cast iron pot, because it is made of refined iron, there are few impurities, so the heat transfer is relatively uniform, and the pot sticking phenomenon is not easy to occur; due to the good materials, the temperature in the pot can reach higher; the grade is high, the surface is smooth and clean Work well compared with ordinary so-called smoke-free pots and non-stick pots, its unique non-coating design of the pot body fundamentally eliminates the harm of chemical coatings and aluminum products to the human body, and it can be used without destroying the nutrients of the dishes. The whole family enjoys health and deliciousness.

Cast iron frying pan manufacturer

As a cast iron frying pan manufacturer, Sarchi Cookware is a cast iron pan manufacturer that you can entrust. We can customize the size for you. Similarly, we can also paste your logo for you and guarantee the best quality.

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