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How to Maintain Pre-Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware?

Dec. 24, 2020

Our cast iron cookware is seasoned before leaving the factory and can be used directly after opening the package, but in order to achieve a better use effect, it would be better if it can be seasoned again before use, and every time the cast iron is used up. You can use this method for maintenance after cooking.

Cast Iron Cookware

Seasoning Instruction:


1. Wash with warm water


2. Dry it or heat the cookware over low heat to dry the surface,do not use natural dry way;


3. Wipe the inner and outside of the cookware repeatedly with fat or a small amount of vegetable oil,the surface of your cast iron cookware has small holes,so you need to fill them up with oil to create that nonstick layer


4. Heat the cookware for 2-3minutes over low heat,the best way is put cast iron cookware in the oven on 350-400 degrees F for about an hour;


5. Turn off the heat/oven and cool it, wipe with a clean paper towel.


Cleaning and Caring for pre-seasoned cast iron cookware


1. Please do not rinse the high-temperature cookware directly with cold water or put it in the refrigerator as this can cause the metal to crack. The correct method is to let it cool naturally and wash in warm water;


2. Refrain from using metal brushes/scouring pads, suggest to use wood, plastic nylon or sponge tools.


3. After cleaning and drying, it is suggested that you use cooking oil to season it every time to avoid rust;


4. Store the cast iron cookware in a dry place.

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