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Chinese New Year — Traditional dishes by cast iron pans

Feb. 01, 2023

The Spring Festival is a very important festival for the Chinese people. On this day, every family can get together, just like Christmas in the West.

There is an ancient story about the origin of the Spring Festival. A beast called "Nian" will attack people from time to time. In order to drive away the beasts, people have to set off firecrackers on the last day of the old year and stick red paper on the front door and windows. Fortunately, “Nian” did not dare to come again because he was afraid of the sound of firecrackers and red stickers. To commemorate this day, our ancestors designated the first day of the Lunar New Year as the "Spring Festival".

Chinese New Year — Traditional dishes by cast iron pans

During the Spring Festival, all family members will get together for a Reunion dinner on New Year's Eve. Fish, apples, noodles, dumplings, pork, chicken, and sweets are indispensable on the table. "Fish" means "surplus year after year"; "Apple" means "doing things safely and smoothly"; "Noodles" means "health and longevity", and others mean that the New Year will be sweet and good luck.

Many Chinese delicacies can also be cooked with Sarchi’s cast iron pan. Due to its superior heat preservation and airtight performance, there is basically no water vapor running out of the pot during the cooking process, and even no need to add water to cook delicious food.

Chinese New Year — Traditional dishes by cast iron pans

Enameled cast iron dutch oven

Braised pork is a must-have dish on the Reunion dinner table in every family. It uses pork belly, soy sauce, sugar, etc. as the main ingredients. Different methods produce different tastes. The braised pork cooked in an enameled cast iron dutch oven is golden in color, fat but not greasy, slightly sweet in taste, soft, and melts in the mouth, leaving a fragrant fragrance on the teeth and lips.

Fried fish is fried on a ribbed grill pan, with raised ridges on the surface of the frying pan, allowing excess fat and oil to escape from the food during cooking.

Chinese New Year — Traditional dishes by cast iron pans

Cast Iron Grill Pan

Stir-frying is one of the common methods of making Chinese food. Cut the ingredients into pieces, slices, or shreds, put them into a frying pan or wok with a base oil, and fry them, then add ingredients, seasonings, or soup in turn, stir fry evenly, and a delicious stir-fried dish is ready.

Chinese New Year — Traditional dishes by cast iron pans

Preseasoned Cast Iron Frying Pan

The Spring Festival not only means the beginning of the brand-new year, also carries the people’s best wishes. We are hoping in the New Year our wish will come true, and life will be better. If you want to know more about delicious food with cast iron pans, please continue to pay attention to us, and please contact us for communication and cooperation with us.

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