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Chinese Cast Iron Skillet

Chinese cast iron skillet is seasoned with vegetable oil in a foundry and baked at high temperatures. These cast iron skillets are pre-seasoned and ready to use.

Chinese cast iron skillet can pass various testing standards, and many professional vegetable oil production lines are safely manufactured throughout the process, without contact with any chemical substances that are harmful to the human body, and can output vegetable oil products of different colors and properties. At the same time, we have introduced anti-rust technology, which greatly improves the anti-rust performance of vegetable oil products.

Chinese Cast Iron Skillet

Sarchi Cookware is committed to creating quality and durable cookware and has been always working hard. More than a dozen DISA automatic production equipment and dozens of enamel and vegetable oil spraying equipment meet the purchase of brand customers from more than 30 countries such as Europe and the United States. We control the source of production and have a complete set of raw material management, production management, quality control management, packaging, and transportation management, and warehousing management system to satisfy all customers’ requests. We also can offer OEM services including customized products, packaging, accessories, etc according to our customer's demands.

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