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How to Choose the Best Takoyaki Pan?

Jul. 22, 2021

Takoyaki is one of the most delicious traditional Japanese appetizers. However, because they are fried and delicious, they taste best when cooked fresh. Now, you can enjoy these delicious dishes in the comfort of your home with these specialized takoyaki pans.


How to choose the best takoyaki Pan?

Thanks to Japan's incredible innovation and its perfect culinary influences, we can now make delicious takoyaki in the comfort of our homes. When choosing the best takoyaki pans on the market, there are several categories to consider.



Some takoyaki pots come with their own heat source, while others are just pans


The size will determine whether you can fit it into an already filled pan cabinet



Most are made of cast iron, but some may have non-stick properties


For those of you who cook on a portable butane stove, this is the octopus teriyaki pan for you! This pan has a grooved bottom that locks the pan directly into place on the butane stove. This cooks perfectly evenly and ensures your appetizers are served with a light push and a bump.

Cast Iron Takoyaki Pan


Cast Iron Japanese Takoyaki Pan

The traditional design of the takoyaki maker is made using cast iron. This might be because the metal is strong and transfers even heat to your food as you are cooking.


It features a non-stick cooking surface for easy releasing of the takoyaki and easy cleaning. You can use the cast-iron takoyaki pan to make your favorite dessert ball pancakes. It features a heavy and solid construction but it is light in weight making it easy to use for your outdoor activities. The pan itself is easy to clean and can also be placed in the bottom rack of the dishwasher. Overall, this is a great pan for those who have a butane stove or gas stove for cooking.


This cast iron takoyaki pan is definitely a great addition to your Japanese cuisine. However, since the pan does not have a non-stick coating, we recommend using extra oil to keep the pan smooth and prevent your takoyaki from sticking. Made of cast iron, these pans are lightweight, durable, and heat up extremely quickly. TThe pan itself can hold up to 14 balls at a time, so you can make two balls quickly and easily. This pan is easy to clean because it fits on the bottom rack of your dishwasher.


Overall, we love this easy-to-use and versatile octopus teriyaki pan. We know you and your family will do the same! Making takoyaki in the kitchen with your family can be a fun feat, or you can do it alone. If you want to start cooking your favorite Japanese appetizers at home, this pan is the perfect addition to your kitchen arsenal.

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