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How Can I Tell If a Cast Iron Pan Is Good?

Aug. 14, 2021

When it comes to cooking, there are many different ingredients for pots and pans. Recipes from trusted chefs will guide you on which pan or pans you must use to cook a particular dish. Cast iron pans are one of the many types of pans used for cooking. A good one is durable and can last for decades or even centuries if properly cared for.


The surface of the pan

Cast iron is black to dark gray in color, and the surface should be smooth and shiny (if in good condition). New cast iron usually leaves a thin protective coating of seasoning to the manufacturer. This will actually only protect the cast iron during shipping or storage. Cast iron should be seasoned prior to first use. Then continue to use a protective shiny bronze, non-stick surface that will build up to protect the iron and your food.

Cast Iron Skillet     

The surface of old or new cast iron may look a little orange, which may be a mild or severe case of rust. This pan is cast iron and is perfectly normal. This surface can be corrected by a recovery and re-drying process. If the surface is shiny and unusually smooth, then it has a non-stick coating and will not be cast iron.

The warning for this is enameled cast iron. The same rules apply when checking enameled cast iron - it will be heavy and the handle will be molded to the pan, not screwed in. You will also see that the edges and lid of the pan will show black cast iron. This iron may or may not be sealed.

The spout of the pan

The sides of the pan are one of its distinguishing marks. These include the depth of the pan, as a skillet is deeper than a cast iron skillet or frying pan. Another hint is the angle; for example, a frying pan has straight sides, while a skillet has flared outer edges.


Older pans had larger spouts because the spout-making tools were not as advanced as they are today; therefore, the inclination was more defined. Older pans also had two pour spouts, while newer pans have only one. Modern cast iron pans may also have an auxiliary handle and a non-stick coating. When buying a frying pan, be sure to inspect its interior.


Bottom of the pan

So far, cast iron pans are almost identical to what they used to be. Our cooker did change. Adjustments to the electric coils and induction plate pans have also been adjusted to keep up. Many of the lower pans are recessed on their outer edges with the heating ring adjusted snugly to your electric stove. Old cast iron pans have three or four protruding nodes or notches. The nodes and slits allow the pan to be placed on a gas grill or electric heating plate.

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