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Difference Between Griddle And Skillet

Nov. 04, 2021

You are browsing through an online shopping shop to buy kitchenware. As you scroll down the list, you find a range of griddles and skillets of different sizes. You know that one of them will come in handy for preparing breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but you're not sure which one to choose. 

Don't worry, because not everyone knows which one they really need. While both skillets and griddles are cookware and come in handy at times, some technical aspects set them apart, thus affecting the food you cook. To eliminate confusion, we've discussed the most common griddle vs skillet comparison in this guide. Keep reading and, eventually, you'll be able to figure out what you need!


Skillet Vs Griddle: What Are The Differences Between Them?

The cooking surface

Whenever you see a skillet or griddle, you can recognize them by looking at their cooking surface. Skillets have a deeper cooking surface with walls that slope inwards. This sloping design allows you to flip and turn your food before you start plating.


You can use the skillet to fry or bake food as long as you don't need a large surface area. It is mainly used for indoor cooking. On the other hand, the skillet has low walls, which means it is not suitable for throwing food. It also has a larger surface area, which makes it ideal for preparing large quantities of food. You can use it to grill or fry food in the kitchen or on the outdoor grill.



As griddles are usually very large, they have a handle on each side to make them easy to carry. In contrast, the lightweight nature of the skillet eliminates the need for two handles. It comes with a straight handle that you can comfortably hold while cooking, tossing, or plating food.



Skillets are typically made of various materials, like aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and cast iron. Aluminum and copper skillets have a ceramic coating which prevents the metal from reacting with the food. Stainless steel and cast iron skillets are not coated but are designed to enhance heat conductivity.


On the other hand, the cooking griddle pan is mostly made of cast iron without any coating on the surface. Both cast iron griddles and skillets are sturdy and require seasoning to allow easy release of food and prevent the formation of rust. This material also holds heat well compared to other materials.

Cast Iron Rectangular Pan

Cast Iron Rectangular Pan


Griddle Vs Skillet: which one should I buy?

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing a griddle pan or skillet, as it all depends on personal preference. If you are looking for cookware for regular use in the kitchen, a skillet may be a good choice as it is small and easy to maintain.


But if you want to cook a lot of food for a lot of people, there's nothing better than a griddle pan. Instead of choosing one, you may even want to have both in your kitchen, as you never know when one of them will come in handy. We hope this guide has helped you to understand the difference between skillet and griddle. 

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