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  • Cast Iron pot moroccan mini enamel tagine pot cookware

  • Cast Iron pot moroccan mini enamel tagine pot cookware

  • Cast Iron pot moroccan mini enamel tagine pot cookware

  • Cast Iron pot moroccan mini enamel tagine pot cookware

Cast Iron pot moroccan mini enamel tagine pot cookware

Size: 27*27*6.5cm

Material: Enamel Cast Iron

Model: C024

Product Description

Cast Iron enamel Moroccan tagine pot with two handles

Cast Iron
Enamel coating
Red, or customized
Chainmail scrubber, Silicone handle holder, and Scrapper can be available

The advantage of cast iron tagine pot

  • Moroccan tagine pot - Create a truly traditional Moroccan feast with our Moroccan tagine pot. It’s perfect for Moroccan dishes, slow-cooked stews and soups, casseroles, and roasted meats, as well as many other one-pot meals.

  • Enamel cast iron  - Our tagine pot base is specially designed with the best quality enamel cast iron to provide long-lasting use and delicious meals for you, cooking food more evenly and retaining heat longer. The oils you use in your normal recipes naturally penetrate its pores, creating a smooth, natural, non-stick surface. And there’s no need to season it!

  • Cone-shaped ceramic lid - Due to its unique design, the bright red ceramic cone-shaped lid helps it retain moisture, which is circulated while cooking and enriches the food with strong flavors. Ultimately, more delicious meals are guaranteed!

  • From stovetop to the tabletop - Take your food from stovetop to tabletop with the tagine that stays sizzling. It steadily holds heat so food not only cooks evenly but also stays warm until it’s ready to eat. The dual-handle design facilitates grasping and is more convenient to operate.

Products Advantage

Cast Iron Materials Cast Iron Materials

Material of cast iron Tagine, selected high-quality pig iron, after high-temperature smelting, and fine casting process, it is safe and healthy; it provides superior heat retention and even heat distribution; it's incredibly durable.

Reliably Sealing Reliably Sealing

The Tagine pot is designed with the principle of steam circulation. It uses the water contained in the ingredients to cook. It is highly sealed and the water vapor falls evenly on the ingredients to keep the original flavor of the food.

Wide Range Of Application Wide Range Of Application

This cast iron Tagine pot is applicable to a wide range, you can cook all kinds of food as you wish. All you have to do is put the ingredients in the pot, and without the hassle of fussy cooking procedures and controlling the heat, you can cook the food easily.

The Cupped Lid The Cupped Lid

The cup—shaped lid with no hole design, together with the shape of a triangular cone, makes the steam cycle rise, and the water drops drop evenly during the cooking process to keep the food fresh and delicious.

Two handle Two handle

Big loop handles make the grip feel more comfortable, it is durable and easy to operate.

Thicker Wall Thicker Wall

The thickening design of the wall, and the craftsmanship of the real material, make the food heating more even and maximizes the original flavor of the food.

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