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11.8 Inch 12.5 Inch Large Cast Iron Stir Fry Pan with Wooden Handle

Size: 30*30*10cm, 32*32*11cm

Volume: 4L, 5.5L

Material: cast iron

Product Description

Chinese Wok Traditional Cast Iron Stir Fry Pan with Wooden Handle 


Cast Iron


30*30*10cm, 32*32*11cm, and other sizes can be customized


Vegetation Oil




Chainmail scrubber, Silicone handle holder, Scrapper, and Glass Lid can be available


OEM Are Acceptable Customized Design, Private Logo

Cast Iron Stir Fry Pan Description

The large cast iron stir fry pan is pre-seasoned and ready to use. So not only do you get the superior taste from pre-seasoned wok, but you also get the correct feel while making the food. The material of this wok pan is iron. It is healthy cookware, and eco-friendly. It can be used for searing, baking, roasting, or frying, this all can do. You will enjoy cooking time and eating the great-tasting food that comes out of it. Have delicious meals with your whole family.

Advantages of Cast Iron Stir Fry Pan

Versatile ability-One of the most popular cooking utensils in China, woks are valued for their versatile ability to be used in a variety of cooking techniques, from stir-frying, deep-frying, and steaming to making soups and stews.

Nonstick & Rustproof - This cast iron stir fry pan is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil as this prevents the iron from rusting as well as gives the wok a non-stick surface.

Two Bases Available - Our cast iron wok bases are available in flat and round bases and are perfect for a variety of stovetops, gas and electric cooktops, and even outdoor grills.

Can be matched with wooden lids- We can provide you with glass lids or wooden lids, the lid prevents spatter and keeps the temperature consistent for steaming, poaching, and simmering.

Product Introduction

Cast Iron Stir Fry Pan with Wooden Handle

11.8 Inch 12.5 Inch Large Cast Iron Stir Fry Pan with Wooden Handle

11.8 Inch 12.5 Inch Large Cast Iron Stir Fry Pan with Wooden Handle

Other styles of cast iron wok or carbon steel wok

Product name: Cast Iron Stir Fry Pan

Product material: cast iron

Size:30*30*10cm(11.8*11.8*3.9inch),32*32*11cm(12.5*12.5*4.3inch), and other size can be customized.

Uses: Wok is suitable for frying steak, curry, stew, stir-frying, steaming, boiling sauce, cooking noodles, Chinese food, grilled vegetables, seafood, barbecue, etc.

Scene: This wok can be used for home/commercial use, suitable for hotels, restaurants, schools, camping, campfires, outdoor barbecues, etc.

Why choose Sarchi cast iron wok?

As an experienced cookware manufacturer, we have extensive experience in the production of cast iron woks, carbon steel frying pans, and cast iron pans. Sarchi is committed to creating high-quality and durable cookware and has been working hard. We not only create cookware that you trust and love, but we do our best to keep it with you for a long time and prepare for the successful production of authentic and delicious food. The discovery of delicious food is endless, and our creation and improvement of all kinds of cooking utensils are also endless. Sarchi Cookware is definitely the best companion in your career and life. Welcome to contact us 

Products Advantage

The help handle The help handle

Help handle and long handle cooperate with each other, for a steady secure hold.

The long handle The long handle

The cast-iron wok pan's sturdy Long handle design makes it easy to maneuver when you're sautéing or transferring it from the stovetop to the oven.

The pouring spouts The pouring spouts

The pouring spout is convenient mess-free pouring and easy to clean.

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