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The Best Carbon Steel Woks, According to Chefs and Cookware Experts

Dec. 23, 2021

Carbon steel is an iron-carbon alloy with a carbon content of 0.0218% to 2.11%, also called carbon steel. It can be rolled or beaten into a very thin material while maintaining high strength, can be quickly heated by high heat, and because it is relatively cheap, it is a widely used material.

Someone may be concerned whether carbon steel is suitable for woks or not?

The wok can not only be used for cooking but these multi-function pans can also be used for roasting meat, stewing meat, or steamed fish. Suitable for fast cooking of any food at high temperature, woks include cast iron woks, stainless steel woks, anodized aluminum, and non-stick pans, etc. However, many professionals say that the best woks are made of carbon steel. A carbon steel pot is a kind of refined iron pot, which contains carbon and iron elements. Therefore, the advantage of a carbon steel pot is that it is healthy and has no chemical coating. The wok made of carbon steel is light in weight and is a good heat conductor. It is very fast in heating speed and can retain heat, so it is very suitable for burning ingredients.

The Best Carbon Steel Woks, According to Chefs and Cookware Experts

What do we look for in a wok?

Balance and weight: We looked for wok’s that could be lifted easily by the handle without drastic tilting. The flat bottom of the pot and the lightweight handle design make it easy to operate from the stove to the dining table.

Handles: We looked for handles that were comfortable and safe to hold. Long-stick handles are better suited to tossing stir-fries and keeping your hand away from the heat.

Shape: Woks with deep curved sides that kept food in the pan were preferred. Enhance the contact surface of food and reduce cooking time.

Temperature: We considered how fast and evenly the wok heated and how well the food seared. The cooking is cooked from the inside to the outside, and at the same time effectively controls the oil fumes.

Sticking: Whether seasoned carbon steel or non-stick coated, we looked for ease of movement in the wok. Woks are subject to vigorous activity so non-stick coatings need to be hard-wearing and scratch-resistant.

The Best Carbon Steel Woks, According to Chefs and Cookware Experts

The best Sarchi carbon steel wok has a higher hardness and is more durable than ordinary fine iron pans. And after spinning technology and special process treatment, a dense protective layer is formed on the surface of the pot to avoid rust. At the same time, whether you use a stainless steel shovel or an iron shovel, the coating will not be damaged. It is also very safe for cooking hard-shelled food.

The Sarchi Carbon Steel Wok is lightweight, weighing only 1.14 kg with a long handle design, which helps you move the pan so that you can turn the food around and ensure that it cooks evenly. Yes, stir-frying is not about stirring the food, but shaking the wok, so operability is the key.

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